Prophetic Words

Zion (you) is "pregnant" with the SEED of God from heaven and getting ready to deliver something great into the earthly realm. Intercession (Travail) will take you into Heaven's "delivery room to birth what you are pregnant off." "The earnest expection of the creature (righteous) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God" (birth of the remnant)

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DWI News
Destiny Women International DWI is lunching their Destiny Workshop and fellowship in Douglasville, GA. Go to the Calendar page and get more information and plan to be there and witness what the Lord is bout to do in Douglasville, GA

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Bible Study Toolbox




1-Jan Pushing Ahead
2-Jan Daily Living
3-Jan God’s Guidance
4-Jan The Place of Rest
5-Jan Fighting Sin
6-Jan The Church reflecting God’s glory
7-Jan God’s wonderful plans
8-Jan God and the godly
9-Jan Trust Him again and again
10-Jan Peace of God
11-Jan God’s desire to save
12-Jan God reveals His Wisdom
13-Jan The Peace God gives
14-Jan Father and Son are One
15-Jan The battle inside us
16-Jan Christ is God
17-Jan Learning from Trials
18-Jan Return to the Image of God
19-Jan Self-importance
20-Jan God’s greatest promise
21-Jan God demands results
22-Jan God our Guide
23-Jan Nothing is surer
24-Jan We must Pray
25-Jan The payment for Sin
26-Jan Identifying with Christ
27-Jan Christ’s Mission
28-Jan Who God chooses
29-Jan God sees through it
30-Jan The Disciple’s mindset
31-Jan Sin in a disciple’s life



1-Feb It begins with Faith
2-Feb God rescues us
3-Feb Finding Strength in Hard Times
4-Feb Live by faith
5-Feb The truth of Eternal Life
6-Feb Grace and The Law
7-Feb Taking God for Granted
8-Feb Friends of God
9-Feb The Next Life
10-Feb Let the Light shine through
11-Feb People of the Book of Life
12-Feb The future of God’s people
13-Feb From the lowest to the highest
14-Feb Christ and the Law
15-Feb Fighting Sin
16-Feb Do not be Proud
17-Feb The old and new sacrifice
18-Feb God is our refuge
19-Feb Wisdom
20-Feb It is Finished!
21-Feb A Holy People
22-Feb Discovering God’s Will
23-Feb The Perfect Covenant
24-Feb Asking God
25-Feb Fighting Satan
26-Feb Self-honesty
27-Feb The terms of Salvation
28-Feb Love driven God
29-Feb Using Time



1-Mar Love each other
2-Mar Enduring trials
3-Mar Leave your future with God
4-Mar Directing your heart and mind
5-Mar In trouble, asking God for help
6-Mar How God guides us
7-Mar Christ’s love for His church
8-Mar Returning to God
9-Mar Do not be complacent
10-Mar Believe that God will provide
11-Mar God’s protection
12-Mar Experiencing God
13-Mar Only one mediator
14-Mar Our witness
15-Mar Christ’s suffering and perfection
16-Mar The meaning of life
17-Mar Acceptable sacrifice
18-Mar Waiting for the promise
19-Mar Salvation is free
20-Mar Transformed by the Light
21-Mar Before it is too late
22-Mar Moral choices
23-Mar Holy and Almighty God
24-Mar Only by faith
25-Mar God will never abandon us
26-Mar Good stewardship
27-Mar Reap what you sow
28-Mar Be strong, be courageous
29-Mar The Prize
30-Mar God’s wonderful works
31-Mar God will meet your needs



1-Apr How to live
2-Apr Acceptable to God
3-Apr God’s unfathomable ways
4-Apr The New Covenant
5-Apr Seeking God
6-Apr Jesus our mediator
7-Apr What Grace and Generosity
8-Apr How to be successful
9-Apr God deserves all glory
10-Apr Came to Die
11-Apr Our Speech
12-Apr The Superior Covenant
13-Apr A living sacrifice
14-Apr Apple of His eye
15-Apr Evil all around
16-Apr God: Close and Distant
17-Apr We are His priests
18-Apr Serve with Humility
19-Apr The Old Covenant Supplanted
20-Apr Be Holy
21-Apr Testing our Work
22-Apr Forgiving sins
23-Apr God is our refuge
24-Apr God’s Promises
25-Apr The price Jesus paid
26-Apr Safety with our God
27-Apr Human Life
28-Apr Jesus came
29-Apr God’s Discipline
30-Apr Like Jesus



1-May The gift of peace
2-May Where God is
3-May Living in holiness
4-May Our Deliverer
5-May God will meet your needs
6-May God’s love and faithfulness
7-May Peace in turbulent times
8-May Jesus’s trials
9-May What is faith
10-May Fighting the Devil
11-May Persistent Sin
12-May Love each other
13-May Holy Prayer
14-May Sharing Christ’s suffering
15-May The New Order
16-May A servant of Christ
17-May Obeying God
18-May Life Giving God
19-May Forgiving sins
20-May Running the race
21-May Strength from God
22-May God’s special peace
23-May Jesus our High Priest
24-May Grieving the Holy Spirit
25-May God’s bountiful gifts
26-May Jesus our Shepherd
27-May Jesus our refuge
28-May Waiting for Jesus to come
29-May The blood price
30-May Taking God’s path
31-May Growing in faith



1-Jun Getting along with each other
2-Jun The Journey Ahead
3-Jun The Second Coming
4-Jun This is better
5-Jun We contributed nothing
6-Jun God's preemptive love
7-Jun How to pray
8-Jun God gives success
9-Jun The Word of God
10-Jun Love is proactive
11-Jun God’s brand of forgiveness
12-Jun God's Refining Fire
13-Jun Living in Christ
14-Jun Identifying with Christ
15-Jun God's Secrets
16-Jun Are you ready
17-Jun How to pray
18-Jun Conditions for meeting God
19-Jun Only the New is acceptable
20-Jun How God will reward us
21-Jun Expect suffering
22-Jun Dying and rising with Christ
23-Jun The Gift of the Holy Spirit
24-Jun Guidance from God
25-Jun Christ Returns
26-Jun Asking God for good things
27-Jun The Purification
28-Jun Jesus lives: What it means
29-Jun The lighter yoke
30-Jun God's painful discipline




1-Jul The Christian Character
2-Jul Acceptable to God
3-Jul Joint-inheritors with Christ
4-Jul Jesus’ Special Compassion
5-Jul The love of God
6-Jul Our Speech
7-Jul Surviving Temptations
8-Jul Confession and Forgiveness
9-Jul Eradicating Sin
10-Jul Expect Persecution
11-Jul Promises of Protection
12-Jul Rest in God’s presence
13-Jul Confident even in Suffering
14-Jul Words matter
15-Jul Living God’s will
16-Jul We are Priests
17-Jul God and Sin
18-Jul Safe with God
19-Jul Holy and Mighty God
20-Jul A Holy People
21-Jul The New Circumcision
22-Jul Victory over sin
23-Jul The Second Coming
24-Jul Hope in Suffering
25-Jul Achieving Eternal Life
26-Jul Living by Faith
27-Jul Who is Jesus
28-Jul Love in Action
29-Jul The Second Coming
30-Jul The new country
31-Jul Spiritual Soldiers



1-Aug Faith and Life
2-Aug How the Saved Behave
3-Aug How God Acts
4-Aug Why Did Jesus do it?
5-Aug Our New Life
6-Aug God’s Discipline
7-Aug God’s gifts and how we choose
8-Aug Strive towards Godliness
9-Aug Making us acceptable to Him
10-Aug God’s Protection
11-Aug Death destroyed
12-Aug God does not remain angry forever
13-Aug Our New Home
14-Aug Reasons for Joy
15-Aug God in our Lives
16-Aug The New Temple
17-Aug Prayer
18-Aug God
19-Aug Children of God, Let Your Light Shine!
20-Aug God Can Be Trusted
21-Aug Our Lord’s Love and Leadership
22-Aug For me to live is Christ’s
23-Aug God’s unchanging and proactive love
24-Aug God identifies with us completely
25-Aug God’s Gracious Gift
26-Aug Holiness: God demand nothing less
27-Aug Guiding Word of God
28-Aug In Christ, we have the Victory
29-Aug Fruits of Trusting God
30-Aug Love, Risk and Fear
31-Aug How God Forgives



1-Sep Be Gentle
2-Sep Help in Testing
3-Sep Warning against Sin
4-Sep Be Patient, have Faith
5-Sep The Body of Christ
6-Sep A Cry for the Lord
7-Sep God Forgave My Sins
8-Sep God sees the Heart
9-Sep God is Sufficient
10-Sep Getting it Right
11-Sep We must choose
12-Sep Conditions, Grace & Salvation
13-Sep Desiring the Lord
14-Sep God’s comfort
15-Sep Freedom from Sin
16-Sep Support each other in Community
17-Sep What God Accepts
18-Sep God’s Secrets
19-Sep God’s Gracious Gifts
20-Sep Changed Priorities
21-Sep It will end well
22-Sep The Word of God
23-Sep The Tug Within for Christ
24-Sep Good to be near God
25-Sep The Chiseled Character
26-Sep God Judges and Saves
27-Sep Trusting God
28-Sep For His Name sake
29-Sep Love in Practice
30-Sep Praying for Guidance




1-Oct How to live
2-Oct Life is in the Blood
3-Oct Christ’s Conquering Love
4-Oct Their Faces Shone
5-Oct Becoming Grateful
6-Oct The Omnipotent God
7-Oct Humility is the Way
8-Oct Courage under Fire
9-Oct God’s Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy
10-Oct His Majesty, God
11-Oct Crying for Help
12-Oct God prefer to…
13-Oct Answering Prayers
14-Oct How Jesus became Lord of All
15-Oct Safe in the Lord
16-Oct How to Work
17-Oct Why Rejoice?
18-Oct What is good enough
19-Oct The Best Protection
20-Oct The Law of the Lord
21-Oct Our Inheritance
22-Oct When Feeling Afraid
23-Oct The Meaning of Possessions
24-Oct When God Punishes
25-Oct God is at home with
26-Oct Sovereign and Caring
27-Oct Give it to me
28-Oct Only Jesus Saves
29-Oct Test it
30-Oct Don't give up waiting
31-Oct God the Holy Spirit



1-Nov Meeting with God
2-Nov Enduring Suffering
3-Nov Do you recognize me?
4-Nov Why the Suffering?
5-Nov When the Spirit comes
6-Nov When the time comes
7-Nov Why Praise the Lord
8-Nov Spiritual Protection
9-Nov What was He like?
10-Nov Towards bearing Fruits
11-Nov Where is safe?
12-Nov Two Kinds of Sorrow
13-Nov Living by God’s word
14-Nov Fear Not!
15-Nov Promises for Life
16-Nov God’s word in our lives
17-Nov God’s Wisdom
18-Nov God is merciful
19-Nov Judge by the fruits
20-Nov Your troubles are temporary
21-Nov Surprisingly Forgiving
22-Nov Getting help with Prayer
23-Nov Nothing to Fear
24-Nov We are Family
25-Nov Who is your master?
26-Nov He redeems and perfects us
27-Nov What does God look like?
28-Nov Faith and Works
29-Nov What our spirits want
30-Nov Peace from God



1-Dec Quality of God's protection
2-Dec What the Holy Spirit does
3-Dec Go tell God
4-Dec Asking for wisdom
5-Dec Testing from God
6-Dec Our Power for Good
7-Dec Not Guilty because
8-Dec The Duty to Love
9-Dec Obedience is the desired sacrifice
10-Dec Our Secure Future
11-Dec Exemplary Lives
12-Dec Secure in Christ
13-Dec Your Gift in Action
14-Dec Why Praise Him
15-Dec Love In Action
16-Dec Remember Love
17-Dec Praying in the Spirit
18-Dec Confidence in God
19-Dec God Sustains You
20-Dec Called to holiness
21-Dec Temporary Pain and Suffering
22-Dec We Are Free
23-Dec God Reclaiming Creation
24-Dec We long for God
25-Dec His Love for Us
26-Dec Doing the Lord’s work
27-Dec Joyful in Suffering
28-Dec God Forgives
29-Dec Doing God’s will
30-Dec Blameless before God
31-Dec God with us