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Zion (you) is "pregnant" with the SEED of God from heaven and getting ready to deliver something great into the earthly realm. Intercession (Travail) will take you into Heaven's "delivery room to birth what you are pregnant off." "The earnest expection of the creature (righteous) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God" (birth of the remnant)

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Destiny Women International DWI is lunching their Destiny Workshop and Fellowship in Lawrenceville, GA. Go to the Calendar page and get more information and plan to be there and witness what the Lord is bout to do in Lawrenceville, GA

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Starting A Women Ministry

Whether you are starting a women ministry as an independent ministry or as a ministry under a Church, this guide will be helpful.

Start Where You Are...

  • Start exactly where you are, be it your community or neighborhood etc.
  • Don't worry about numbers.  Meet with whoever responds to the invitation.  Remember Jesus said, "Where two or more are gathered, in My Name, there I will be also." (Mt. 18:20)
  • With your core group, prayerfully seek the Lord to discern what He would have you do in establishing a women's ministry, and what steps to take in that direction.
  • Discern the most pressing needs of the women in your community, church, or neighborhood.
  • Success is never a sure thing.  Don't begin this ministry with the goal of a successful program.  God only required obedience.

Designing a Women's Ministry...

Personal preparation is essential.

  • Prayer - Pray and seek God individually and with your core group.  Stay close to Jesus as you forge ahead.
  • Planning - Think through your strategies.  Plan events with the needs of the women in mind.
  • Participation - Be involved in other ministries in your church and faithful to the assembly.  This will help women come to know you and grow closer to you.
Establish a core group of leaders.
  • Form a planning committee using existing leaders.
  • Determine the format and officers of your group?  Will you have a leadership team or a traditional structure of officers?
  • Assess the needs.  Together with your core leaders if you have one, discuss and list the needs of the women in your area.
What are the needs of women?

This piece is very helpful for women ministry in a Church setting. Identify and know the women you are trying to reach.  Some questions that might help in this area include:
  • Who are you trying to reach? Why?
  • Who is absent from our group? Why?
  • How has our group changed over the years? (if reorganizing)
  • What are the greatest needs of the women in this group?
  • What are the barriers to establishing this ministry to women and how can they be removed?
  • What are our greatest strengths and weaknesses as a group of women?
  • In what areas is change needed? (if reorganizing).
Another way to better understand the needs of the women you are ministering to is to provide a simple evaluation or survey for women as they come to your group.  Ask them what they want in a women's ministry.
  • Make the survey simple, easy, and brief.
  • Consider the best way to distribute the survey.  You may want to use mailings, hand outs, email, or the internet. 
  • Consider giving a small gift as an incentive to complete and turn in the survey. (Women of the Church of God products are great for this and can be ordered online.)
Preliminary Organizational Meeting.
  • Establish a facilitator the meeting.
  • Pray with your core team for guidance.
  • State your purpose clearly and define boundaries for discussion.
  • Prepare in advance a list of questions and try to follow it.
  • Avoid criticism of the leaders of the group and other negative comments.
  • Record comments on a flip chart, overhead, or dry erase board so everyone can see and interact.
  • Make it fun!  Be Creative.
  • Create a sense of openness.

Once your have established a group and held an initial meeting, establish a purpose or mission statement.

Ideas for Your Ministry...

Prayer & Promotion

Plan some events, including a kickoff event or an introductory session.  Below are some ideas to help make your kickoff meeting a success. Take from the suggestions what you is appropriate for your situation.

  1. In preparation for the meeting...advertise, advertise, advertise!  We cannot stress enough the importance of informing women of what is going on.  People need to know that an exciting ministry is being birthed.
  2. A month before your kickoff event, make flyers on brightly colored paper using whimsical fonts and hang them everywhere. Always use bright paper or colored flyers.  It helps grab attention.
  3. If it is in a church setting and there is a women's ministry pastor. Have your event announced and endorsed by the pastor, she would be the person to make the announcement. 
  4. Set up an informational mechanism. Have women from your core group ready to share the flyers and sign up women interested in attending and to answer any questions they may have.
  5. Personal invitations can also be a nice way to invite women to the meeting.  Women respond well to being personally invited. Face-to-face invitations also work well.
  6. PRAY - Pray over invitations, bulletin boards, flyers, and announcements.  Ask God to use these media to reach the hearts of women.  Together with the core group, pray for each other and pray and fast for the kickoff meeting.     
Kickoff Meeting
  1. Provide Childcare! Women need to know their children are taken care of.  This may not be a luxury that you can provide for each meeting, but make sure that you can provide it for this first one.  If you are in a Church setting, you may ask your pastor is he/she could provide a team to serve in this capacity.  Also, you may have a team of dads provide childcare for this event. Try to avoid using the nursery workers, as these are normally women you will want to attend the meeting as well.
  2. Hold the event at a time when women can get away.  For instance, plan for early Saturday morning from 8-10AM, and don't hold them over.  Remember women are busy, and we want to accommodate them in every way.
  3. Arrange for fresh flowers, linen table clothes, and brunch food (or finger food depending on the meeting time).  Decorating can be done the night before and food can be carried in by core members.  Provide a lovely atmosphere for this time.
  4. You may want to have someone lead singing and prayer.  A short skit is a fun way to start the morning.  Ice breaker games are also good.
  5.  Provide a brief message, or have someone else speak.  This should be followed by a session of prayer.  Have women share their needs and request prayer.  As a group, lay hands on a woman, anoint her with oil and pray for each need expressed.
  6. Let the Spirit lead.  Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and let Him work at His pace.
  7. After prayer, the leader should share the vision, mission, and goals of this new ministry and invite all women who would like to participate to join.  You may want to use the membership roster or a covenantal agreement format.  Either is acceptable, however, it is important that the women sign their names.  It is binding and will help hold them accountable to be faithful to the ministry. 
  8. Share with the women the format of the meetings and let them know when the next one will be held.
  9. Dismiss with singing and perhaps holding hands across the room or in a circle.
  10. After the women leave, thank God for the power of His Holy Spirit and the mighty work that He has done in the lives of women.
Determine Your Calendar
  1. Once you have determined your leadership format, officers, leadership team, core group, etc., meet with these ladies and plan a calendar.
  2. Decide on your meeting format - weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  This can be determined by each individual group given the schedules and commitments of the women in each group.
  3. Delegate responsibilities among your leadership and among the women. Remember they need the opportunity to serve.
  4. Provide fun events as well as bonding times and service oriented functions.   
  5. Continue to publicize your events and make sure your organization is visible.
  • Women who are sold out to God and have yielded to the Holy Spirit are women can use.
  • Women who are willing to risk to change their world are women who God can use.
  • Women who are willing to care for other women are women that who can use.
  • Women who have a heart for Him and His ministry are women who God can us.
  • Women who have a passion and joy in ministry are women who God can use.
"May God find us faithful and obedient to what He has called us to as we seek someone to show them the love of Christ." For more information, contact us @ (770) 656-0331 or email.

Please have the following information ready when you contact us:
  1. You name, street address, phone number, and email.
  2. Church name, denomination or affiliation, address, and telephone number.